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Some of our specialties include: PHO Challenge, Beef noodle soup, Bun Bo Hue(Beef and Pork with lemon grass) noodle spicy soup, Filet Mignon with garlic noodle.

The newly remodeled Pho Garden also hosts private events.

Can you beat the Pho Garden Challenge?

2 pounds of noodles. 2 pounds of meat. We seek true competetitors.

Finish the bowl and win a FREE MEAL. Pho Garden challenges anyone with a big appetite.

PHO Real? Alien Shatters Pho Garden Challenge Record!

Lumpy Hrudkovity, an alien from planet Zgrunturos, shattered the record for the fastest time to complete the Pho Garden Challenge! Hrudkovity devoured the 2 pounds of noodles and 2 pounds of combination beef with tripe in a mind-boggling 10 minutes flat. More story...



6/30/2009 6 photos

I'm pretty consistent. I consistently do stupid, regrettable shit. The most recent of which was 2 Fridays ago. Since I'm still recovering from Pho'od coma, I'm gonna recap this event photo montage style.

After work, I went to a café and met up with Ting A. http://static.px.yelp.... and Sascha O. http://static.px.yelp.... . They weigh about 180 lbs. Combined.

They are damn sexy hot waifs with wicked metabolisms. I am jealous.

Since we're foodies, we eventually start talking about food. Out of nowhere, Sascha proclaims "I can eat a lot!" Lies. However, I have seen Ting's in action. She once ate as much as me. I was not pleased.

So I suggest this: http://static.px.yelp.... Free if you eat it within an hour.

The two sexy waifs agree. They shall explode like corpuscles and revenge will be mine. They will become fat for a few days. During this time, I shall be hotter than them. I will no longer be jealous of their metabolisms.

I am pleased.

We arrive and stare at the bowl. It is big. http://static.px.yelp....

I hold it to my face. No, it's not big. It's Pho'king huge. http://static.px.yelp.... I am starting to think this was a stupid idea.

The owner, Brendan, is nice and makes us sign a waiver. http://static.px.yelp.... Oh yeah, I'm Pho'ked now.

I decide it is also good to write a last will and testament http://static.px.yelp.... I bequeath everything to your Mom. She loves me!

The bowls come out. They are ginormous. http://static.px.yelp.... Ting realizes she is also Pho'ked. And not in a good way.

She strategizes, though, that the best way would be to remove the noodles so they stop soaking up liquid. 2lbs of uncooked noodles = 5 lbs after cooking and still have the capacity to grow. Pho'king smart.

We start to eat. I am doing well. Ting is all business.

Sascha, however, has decided to eat slowly and enjoy her food. She is smiling and having fun. Random white people come and want to take pictures with her. http://static.px.yelp.... White people love Asian women.

30 minutes later, I am slowing down. I start to look like this: http://static.px.yelp....

5 minutes later, I give up. We all do. It looks like Ting and I have the same amount of food left over. Sascha is no where close.

Brendan grabs a scale.

Ting is proud. She has 2.5 lbs left http://static.px.yelp....

I have my leftovers weighed. A tick over 2.5 lbs. http://static.px.yelp....

ZOMG WTF I lost to a girl?! AGAIN!?

I am not pleased. I'm Pho'king pissed. I am jealous. I hate the world.
And I hate your mom.

But there will be a rematch. Stay tuned.

Pho'king peace out.

Jason C.